Meeting your body, mind and spirit where they are and taking them further



CALL 704-776-5867 FOR ADDRESS

$10 per class

New Student Special: $25 for first two weeks (includes kids yoga)





FUSION YOGA: (also known as vinyasa) This is a strong class that is taught for all-levels. Options are given for beginners AND advanced students. We go through all the ranges of joint mobility to build strength and flexibility. Class ends with a gentle restorative yoga session to deeply relax the body and mind.

DEEP STRETCH: This class is perfect for balancing out all of the work that your body does for you all week long. As do everyday tasks, our muscles build tension. Deep stretch will bring ease and relaxation to tight muscles. Most of the class is spent on the floor, holding each pose for at least 2 minutes.

RESTORATIVE YOGA: This therapeutic class involves using several yoga props such as bolsters, blocks, and blankets to relax in yoga postures for long holds. What matters most here is finding your most comfortable, relaxed state in each pose so that your body can open in a more passive way.


PRIVATE SESSION:  Perhaps you aren’t ready to join a class yet or you simply enjoy the one-on-one connection with your instructor.  Private instruction is a special treat that is personalized to meet your needs.

DUET SESSION:  Indulge yourself and a friend or spouse with a duet session.  It has all the benefits of a private session.  You and your partner will both equally engage one another in stretches, poses, and concentration.

CORPORATE YOGA: If you already know, like many others, the benefits of yoga in the workplace then please contact me.  A light, balanced practice can translate into powerful things at work.


Yoga Pirates (kids’ yoga) classes are currently only offered in HARRISBURG. They will move to the Carole Hoefener Center in June 2015. They are only available in a monthly package for $30. We’ll meet one day per week (Saturdays) for the month. Depending on the month, we may meet four or five times. There are no make-ups for missed days. A brief summary of my child care experience can be found on the Yoga Pirates home page.

Private Sessions:
60 minutes
$65 per session
Special: Buy 3 sessions, get one free ($195)

Family Privates (up to 2 adults/2 kids or 1 adult/3 kids):
60-90 minutes
$80 per session (not per person)
Special Buy 3 sessions, get one free ($240)

Duet Sessions (2 people):
60 minutes

Corporate Yoga :
45 – 60 minutes
1 – 5 people: $150
6 – 10 people: $200
11-20 people: $250
More than 20 people: Please call


Evolution Yoga NC

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