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Greetings friends!

I took my first yoga class at a gym in 2003.  It was, honestly, a horrible experience. So I began an on again/off again home dvd yoga practice.  I finally went to my first yoga class in a YOGA STUDIO in 2008.  The experience changed me forever.  I learned that laughing and wobbling are perfectly fun things to do in a yoga class.  I also learned that yoga isn’t only for thin people. It helped me overcome my body image and anger issues. The energy and encouragement of a supportive yoga community moved me to become a yoga teacher.
While training to become a yoga teacher with Kristen Cooper-Gulak, I realized that I am passionate about using yoga as a vehicle to reach youth and all under-served populations.  Few things bring me more joy than watching people really demonstrate their own unique expression of each pose and most importantly: apply the principles of yoga in their everyday life. Yoga poses are like life choices: there are only individualized healthy ones, not perfect ones.
Always a student of this living tradition, I maintain an enthusiasm for learning with fellow teachers near and far. But I also learn so much from my students! So look for me at studios all over…I may be sitting on the mat right beside you.
In 2013 I was the first African-American in the city of Charlotte to launch a Yoga Alliance 200 hour registered yoga school program. Since 2014 I have supported Dr. Rose LeDay and her team of therapists at Transcend ed by teaching yoga to their clients recovering from disordered eating. In 2015 I successfully completed my advanced yoga studies training with Shari Goldstein to become a RYT500. Also in 2015 I trained with Dr. Melody Moore of Embody Love Movement, a female empowerment non-profit for adolescents and adults. I’m now an active, certified Embody Love Movement facilitator. Looking forward, I plan to develop a curriculum and launch a 300 hour registered yoga school that utilizes the talents and passion of graduates from my 200 hour school. My goal is to actively uplift and empower marginalized communities through my developing social justice program: YOGAPIPELINE®. Please stay tuned as we breathe life into this groundbreaking nonprofit organization.
God is my strength. Whether you practice with me at a venue around town or alone in a private session,  I want you to always know that your practice teaches you to embrace YOUR evolution – your humanity – with grace and compassion.
Stacy Winslow,  E-RYT 500
Director (coming soon)
Evolution Yoga – Charlotte, NC




















Evolution Yoga NC

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